About the Author

Heather Vanderberg is a long time gym goer and fitness ‘influencer’ turned blogger; {go figure!}

Owner of GlossandSquats.com and the Gloss & Squats Facebook page, Heather developed scoliosis at an early age and spent an excessive amount of time with a sports medicine specialist to correct her spine. After just over two years of doctor visits and being in a back brace, Heather was able to correct her back enough to take her out of danger. After this experience, she dove head first into fitness and health to stay in shape. Never being into any specific sports, Heather found her love in weight lifting. Fitness and training helped her to learn proper training techniques, healthy ways to eat, and how to overall be healthier and happier with herself.

Gloss & Squats is here to share different ways of being healthy and happy. From healthy skin care and motivating thoughts to the proper way to squat and weekly workout routines, this blog is designed for everyday health and fitness.

Life is about positivity and making the most of every day.

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