Tis the season for… Moisturizer!

The weather is colder, the air is drier, your skin isn’t has hydrated! So many things change and not just the leaves this time of year. I always notice two main things, my hands get dry and my hair gets drier. That is why I love coconut oil. It works for almost every problem!

I love lotion as much as the next person but as I have grown, I have realized that oils do so much better at getting into your skin. Lotions, like soaps, can have ingredients in them that pull the moisture right out of your skin. Ingredients like sulfates dry and irritate your skin. Moisturizers that contain AHAs (Alpha hydroxy acid) and even hyaluronic acid, can dry your skin too so they need a layer that locks in their hydration. I like to use a couple moisturizers of different kinds to make sure my skin takes hydrated all day.

Coconut oil is proven to soften and moisturize better than lotions and other oils. It also has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, making it not only moisturizing but healthy.

Kopari is one of my best kept secrets for keeping my hair healthy and my ends from drying out in the winter and the summer. Kopari has one ingredient, coconut oil.

No sulfates, no gmo, no parabens, vegan, and my favorite- its cruelty free. It doesn’t get better than the real thing; no ingredients you can’t pronounce let alone know what it is. And it doesn’t hurt to smell like cookies either.

I use a size of a penny dollop in my hand to comb with my fingers through my hair. Keep in mind that it is an OIL, it will make your hair look oily if you use too much! I generally only use it when I’m staying in for the night, like before bed then wash it out in my morning before work. When I apply it to my body I start with a small amount and work it around and get more as needed. Again keeping in mind that it is oil, so it will make you skin look shiny if you apply too much. I keep coconut oil in my home all year round.

Until Next Time!